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security and medicare, make some defense cuts if you have to but we'd rather just see the rich get taxed and the near rich get taxed if we have to do that. >> the numbers do not add up, the left is being fundamentally dishonest. they are saying you don't have to cut social security or medicare or medicaid to get the deficit down, all you've got to do is tax the rich some more. they are recklessly suggesting that we go deeper and deeper and deeper into debt heading towards bankruptcy. the numbers, megyn are stunning. we have an unfunded liability for medicare of $42 trillion. an unfunded liability for social security of $20 trillion. and a further 20 trillion for unfunded pensions for federal employees, that adds up to $86 trillion which are committed to pay in the future and the money we do not have. therefore, you cannot just tax the rich to get rid of the deficit. you simply can't do that. the numbers don't add up. megyn: chris, what do you make of this, the president is now going to go out on what looks like sort of like a campaign stop on friday to pennsylvania. he already had this m
from medicare, if they don't get what they want let the country go over the cliff, let the car jump off the cliff. then they will be in a stronger position to negotiate for the tax increases that they want on the other side. this can't be good news for the president who desperately needs to have a deal done so that he does not see the country plunged into fresh recession just as he is sworn into office. megyn: but now there are some who are predicting okay, yes even though this would be calamitous, it wouldn't be that calamitous if we got into january, it happened but only happened for a few weeks. then they struck a deal. the thinking of these democrats, reportedly, chris, the republicans are going to be much more likely to strike a deal if the tax hikes have automatically taken place on january 1, than then can swoop in as saviors who lower tax rates on everybody after they secretly just hiked them? we won't understand what just happened. >> well, there is some of that that the, what the republicans would be able to do thin would be, instead of having to ever vote for a tax increase o
in the summer and say, don't bring in your healthcare reform stuff, don't bring in your medicare, don't bring in social security, focus exclusively on the question of whether or not you will raise taxes in order to offset these automatic cuts. the white house is trying to portray this as a one-for-one deal that they are going to renegotiate what they already negotiated in august. they say if republicans want less spending cuts on the defense side they better be willing to give up on the tax side and have tax increases. i think they are perfectly willing as it stands now to take it off the cliff and let the taxes go into effect, because if the republicans won't give them what they want on a tax rate increase for top earners they think they will get them later once people are outraged that their taxes went up. megyn: but, to not offer any spending cuts, what would be the republican incentive to agree to raising taxes on the wealthy if they don't get anything in return? >> well, the incentive would be from the president's point of view, is that everybody's taxes will go up anyway and once you ge
states by 2025. 10,000 more short because of the aging population. baby boomers going over to medicare and an additional eight to 10,000 because of obamacare. we are talking over 50,000 primary care doctors short. primary care doctors, doctors like me, general practitioners, pediatricians, that is all considered primary care. people walk in the door and say i don't feel well. we take care of 50% of the doctors visits but only one third of the doctors are in the united states, there are only 200,000 of us. what are we going to do with all the shortages? my answer is nurse practitioners and physician's assistants assistants are going to try to fill the void. 50,000 nurse practitioners taking care of patients. you are going to end up having to see a nurse practitioner or you will have to go to a hospital. megyn: my apologies, we need to get to benjamin netanyahu who is speaking now. >> translator: allow the situation to settle and the citizens of israel to get back to the daily life. with this, it is clear that israel cannot sit with the armed against the enemies of the weapons. therefore
afford and to protect the middle class and to protect social security, medicare and medicaid. heather: jeff few, you're going to be -- jehmu, you're going to be shocked, but i think grover is over too. what is the deal with this guy? he should not be running washington. he is part of the problem, and we do need to find a way to work together. there is going to be some sort of negotiation. i think the big question is, what is rich? what needs to happen? we don't want to put a stranglehold on job creators, but i think democrats and republicans can agree we really need to give a break to small businesses and the middle class. hopefully, we can do that. when i mentioned those new names so we can move from the grand old party to the great opportunity party, i think they need to come to the table now. let's look at the election. right now we need new faces and new ideas because you know what? the fabulous four isn't so fabulous because the last two and four years, failure. we have not been able to come together for an agreement, and we need to do that. we've got to work together to make thi
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5